PCI Compliant Server Enclosures Can Save Space

Many of Rackmount Solutions' wall mount and portable enclosures are PCI Compliant!
Many of Rackmount Solutions’ wall mount and portable enclosures are PCI Compliant!

Most consumers don’t even think about the safety of their personal information when they swipe their credit card at a store, restaurant, or hotel.  But for merchants and processors, the safety of that information is paramount.  Not just because of the PCI Security Requirements mandated by the major card providers (American Express, Discover, JCB, Master Card, and Visa), but also because the security and safety that is the result of PCI requirements drives the U.S. economy.

Stores, restaurants and hotels can however, sometimes find it difficult or expensive to comply with the PCI requirement that requires restricted physical access to cardholder data.  Stores, restaurants and hotels are busy places.  Employees, vendors, contractors, and customers are constantly in and out of the facility – and even the best security system can’t keep an eye on everyone.

One way to restrict access might be to construct a separate computer room.  But, floor space is at a premium and is needed for money-making activities like floor displays, food preparation and dining areas, and guest rooms.  That often makes this method an expensive “no go”.

At Rackmount Solutions, we think there’s a simpler, less expensive way.  House all server, storage, and networking equipment in one of our PCI compliant enclosure wall mounts, desktop, freestanding or portable racks.  Every enclosure is built tough with solid steel or aluminum frames and panels.  And every door on every enclosure comes standard with a strong, keyed lock.  Just as importantly we offer enclosures in a variety of space saving shapes and sizes, configurations (vertical mount, swinging door, server side mount and even corner configurations!) that are priced to ensure that PCI compliance won’t a break the bank for the largest chain store or the smallest dining establishment.

Because we believe PCI compliance is such an important issue for our customers in the retail and hospitality industries, we’ve just published a white paper on the subject:  Keep Cardholder Data Under Lock and Key.  It not only discusses some of the hidden issues that surround PCI physical access restrictions (Did you know that the biggest threat to cardholder data is employee error?), it also profiles all of our PCI-compliant products.

So, let us know how we can help you ensure that your business meets the physical access restriction requirements outlined in the PCI standard.  Call us at 866-207-6631, visit our web site at www.rackmountsolutions.net or send us an email at sales@rackmountsolutions.net.

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