USB Tablet Charging Station

USB Tablet Charging Station

CS16USB-OTHER01-LIn 2014 a study stated that 2.3 Million tablets were now being used in US K-12 Schools. That number has since grown by a large margin and is only expected to continue to grow based on the success of teaching with tablets. Another study stated that hospitals using tablets were far more efficient and now see nearly 70% use tablets in some capacity at their facilities. Retail stores are using tablets for in-store payment processing, customer self-service, product displays, signage, and more. Construction sites are using tablets for building information, inspections, and project management, basically every industry is starting to adopt tablets if not use them as a primary resource, but how can you not only protect your data, but continue to charge them for the next day, next class, or next patient?

USB Tablet Charging Stations

Similar to a server rack, your data needs to be protected, but what makes tablets unique is that these items need to be charged and often portable, moving from space to space. Our Tablet Charging Stations are available in 16, 32, and 48 tablet configurations that can mount to a wall, rest on a floor, or for the 32 and 48 tablet models, you can add casters and a handle for mobility.

CS16USB-OTHER02-L2015 Excellent Award Winner

As so many merchants are using these tablets for processing payments, our tablet charging stations are PCI compliant, locking from all sides to protect your data. The vents on the sides, bottom, and top help prevent any overheating, while the removable dividers let you store your tablet even if they have cases. Worried about keeping your cables organized? Mini-grommets help keep the USBs in place and prevent any unnecessary tugging of the cables. These USB Tablet Charging Stations also feature quick charge 2.4 amp USB ports to help speed up the charging process for your tablets.

Does your business need a tablet charging station? Probably. Let us help find you the right size and model!

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