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What are the most common mistakes made when purchasing UPSes?

The most common mistake that is made when selecting a UPS is improper sizing. Choosing the appropriate sized UPS can be daunting. Selecting a system that is too large will be a money pit, and selecting one that is too small has the obvious result of not sufficiently supporting your equipment in the event of a failure. After determining the size kilowatt load that you need to support, it is recommended that you calculate what 125% of that number would be, and select the next-size-up UPS that would support it.

What are the most important elements data center managers need to look for
when purchasing new data center UPSes?

Scalability is a very important feature for a data center UPS to have. Being prepared for growth doesn’t necessarily have to be a tremendous upfront cost, though. Many enterprise UPSes on the market today allow you to build upon them as your data center grows, allowing you to use only what you need now, and easily incorporate additional capacity whenever it becomes appropriate.

The type of UPS you select is also critical to maintaining an effective back-up system. There are three types of UPSes available – standby, line-interactive and online. While line-interactive UPSes are commonly used in SME’s, data center managers will want to lean towards online versions; these systems provide the “cleanest” power, as well as the most reliable continual power since there is no actual switch-over involved in the event of a power failure.

You’ll want to select a UPS system that has a robust set of monitoring and management tools. Due to the critical nature of data center equipment, you do not want to rely on a system that will require you to visit the site to manage should something go awry; seek out systems that can be accessed and managed remotely, and can alert multiple parties should an emergency event occur.

Lastly, ensure that your UPS system has either a bypass option, or hot-swappable capabilities. Should the UPS fail or require maintenance, you’ll want a system that will allow your equipment to maintain power if the UPS needs to be removed/replaced.

What new or upcoming trends buyers should pay particular attention to?

We should expect to see more and more UPS manufacturers striving to improve their energy efficiency. As data center managers feel the pressure to reduce costs wherever possible, and the inclination towards “greener” centers grows, it’s an ongoing race to see who can produce the most efficient system. When purchasing a new UPS system, check for an ENERGY STAR rating to ensure savings down the road.

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