rack mount power strip

Understanding Power Strips: 15 Amps vs. 20 Amps

When selecting a power strip for your server rack, it’s best to take a little extra time to consider the circuit requirements for your equipment and the type of receptacle you may need. In large orders it’s a common oversight to purchase a 15 Amp power strip as opposed to the necessary 20 Amp.


15AMP receptacles are of your standard household wiring, where as the 20 amp is a bit different.

These high current receptacles include a horizontal slot connected to one of the vertical slots on the outlet (as seen in the video). The 20 AMP power strip can support both 20 and 15AMP devices, however the 15 amp power strip will not support a 20 amp device.

Next time you’re ordering power strips take a minute to check the amps needed for your equipment or talk to a Rackmount Solutions account manager before purchasing.

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