Soundproof Server Rack

Loud fans and servers? Rackmount Solutions can solve this problem with our Soundproof / Quiet Server Racks. Take those loud fans and make them nothing more than a whisper. Up to -30 dB(a) of noise reduction. The following articles help explain the benefits and cost savings of choosing a soundproof / quiet server rack.

Ucoustic Soundproof Server Rack Update!

New UCoustic features to include…. Along with the serious dissipation and thermal heat, around March 2012, Ucoustic cabinets will ship with major dust protection & water shedding capabilities.  This rack is manufactured in the U.K. and their certification process is similar to U.S. NEMA standards. Win-Win!!  Deploy the UCoustic Soundproof Cabinet in a warehouse or dirty …

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Custom Server Rack

Generally speaking, server racks and cabinets aren’t the most sexy piece of equipment in your data center. But would you believe that there is a company that offers uniquely customized solutions as well as off-the-shelf products without trying to sell you the highest-priced model? This is the philosophy behind Rackmount Solution’s success story as a server storage manufacturer and for every need.