Ditch Noisy Server Racks

UCoustic_42_Soundproof_RackAre you hunting for ear plugs or headphones every day at your office or data center? Ditch your noisy server racks for a soundproof server cabinet instead. Studies show that consistent loud noises not only affect your health but also take a toll on your overall job performance.

Perhaps your server rack is in a public place and you only need to house a few pieces of equipment instead of multiple racks, there are soundproof options with wood paneling providing a nice aesthetic as well.

Start researching soundproof server cabinets and reduce the noise in your area by up to -26 dBa, to put this into perspective that taking a loud restaurant and reducing it to a whisper. From 9u to 44u, from -14 dBA to -30 dBa of sound reducing power, from wall mounts to table tops to standing server cabinets, there is a model that fits your needs.

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