Soundproof Server Rack

Loud fans and servers? Rackmount Solutions can solve this problem with our Soundproof / Quiet Server Racks. Take those loud fans and make them nothing more than a whisper. Up to -30 dB(a) of noise reduction. The following articles help explain the benefits and cost savings of choosing a soundproof / quiet server rack.

Front Office Server Rack Solutions

ENVIRONMENT & CHALLENGES When planning your layout for IT/Networking equipment in an open space or front office not only do you need to consider your employees, but any customers, clients, and through traffic as well. Common challenges include rack-security, excessive noise production, thermal airflow management, aesthetics, and location based on a limited footprint. Without a …

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How to Reduce Noise in the Data Center

Are you getting complaints about noise from your server racks and equipment? While some consider the noise a necessary evil, you can certainly take multiple steps to reduce and even eliminate noise from your data room. Servers, UPS’ and cooling equipment all join together to create a symphony of humming, which in many cases can …

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