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John Rateau for blog By John Rateau, Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

Nearly everyone has a story about how their expensive electronics were accidentally damaged by a drop or spill.  That is, everyone who isn’t using an SKB utility case to protect their equipment.


The folks at Epic Productions were glad that their equipment was protected by a SKB case when their tour bus went airborne and flipped over multiple times.  Touring artist Gabe Kubanda didn’t expect to find any of their equipment undamaged or usable.  But, because the equipment was protected by SKB utility cases, their amps and other electronics survived.  As Gabe told it, “We started to pull out some of the gear to see if anything survived, and amid crushed speakers, demolished equipment and twisted metal, we uncovered the gear which had miraculously survived.”

Epic Products Tour Bus Crash Site
Epic Productions Tour Bus Crash Site

SKB cases come in a variety of styles and sizes including:


SKB cases are designed to survive.  And remember they’re backed by SKB’s “Million Mile” replacement guarantee.  If a case is damaged in any way, they’ll repair or replace it for the life of the case.

Hopefully your equipment won’t have to survive a bus roll over.  But if it does, you can be sure that your equipment will survive – just like that of Epic Productions’.  That’s because SKB utility cases are “tour tough”.

SKB Case After Crash
SKB Case After Crash

More information on SKB cases can be found on our web site, or if you’d like some help determining which case is best for your needs, email us at, or give us a call at toll free 1-866-207-6631.

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