SKB Case

SKB Cases are great as protective luggage or rack mounted portable server racks. Below are a collection of articles to help you find the right SKB Case for you. LCD Screens, Military, Servers, SKB Cases can provide storage for any time of gear that needs protection.

Why Is It Called an SKB Roto Rack Anyway?

One of the most popular SKB heavy duty transport cases is the 8u Roto Rack. It’s tough, it has built-in TSA accepted and recognized latches (so you can lock them and still enable airline security personnel to inspect the contents), it has heavy duty, built-in wheels (or optional quick release 4” casters with mounting plates and hardware), an easy to use built-in pull handle, and industrial grade steel threaded rack rails (for non-destructive screw mount installation and removal). And, for easy access to contents, the SKB 8u Roto Rack also includes full access rear lids. But although this case from SKB is very popular (and has prevented damage to millions of dollars of network, computing, audio, and video equipment), many purchasers aren’t aware of why the case is called a “Roto” Rack. (And no, it’s not because the case has wheels that roto…, er rotate!)

Traveling Techs Need This SKB Case!

Test and measurement and other electronic analysis gear isn’t cheap! And it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – if your techs are carrying around expensive equipment, there’s always a chance that it will get dropped, dented, or damaged. Besides the obvious cost of replacing or repairing the damaged equipment, there is also the potential additional cost to your business when your tech can’t make a customer call because their equipment is “in the shop” (or the capital cost to keep spare equipment languishing in the store room).