Daily Tip: SKB Case, Storm, or Pelican?

SKB-3RR-Removable-Shock-Rack-LidWhen deciding on an equipment case, the same three brands are always considered: SKB Case, Pelican, and Pelican Storm. How do you choose between these three fantastic manufacturers and what are the key differences?

The History

Pelican is the originator of waterproof equipment cases. They are a top of the line brand, reliable, and a trusted provider for cases. Pelican Storm cases arose out of the brand Hardigg which was a key competitor of Pelican for years. Storm cases are the Hardigg side of the business and are sold at virtually the same price. All the while Hardigg and Pelican were battling for supremacy, SKB was picking up traction and making a name for itself. Pelican owning most of the market was able to increase prices and profits, but in the process open the door for SKB and other waterproof case manufacturers to pick up steam at a lower cost. Today SKB, Pelican, and Pelican Storm are virtually on equal footing, with Pelican having a bit stronger name recognition as they’ve been in and dominated the market for longer.

Key Differences

When you measure the quality of SKB Case vs. Pelican, the warranty, the shipment delivery reliability, on all fronts these two brands stand equal toe to toe. Pelican is certainly the name brand, but in turn you will pay a name brand price for the same quality and warranty of an SKB Case. SKB Case offers a Million Mile Warranty (Lifetime Warranty) and is available for free freight shipping through Rackmount Solutions. SKB Case and Pelican have the same military standards and everyday reliability in built it. Overall the only difference will be price.

If you need help finding a particular SKB Case, we have a catalog of options for virtually any environment. Talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631 or by completing the contact us form below.

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