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Susan Wynne for blog By Susan Wynne, Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

Having all of the proper cooling equipment is a critical aspect of fully outfitting your data center. You can lessen the chances that you will have to take the heat of


equipment damage — or worse — when you keep everything cool with Rackmount Solutions’ full line of fans and related equipment.

By including these important items in your data center, you support fresh air circulation. This method of data center cooling is becoming widely accepted and is discussed in this newsletter’s “What Would YOU Do?” article.

To meet all of your cooling needs and help you protect your equipment investment, Rackmount Solutions offers a variety of fan and fan accessory styles, sizes, prices and configurations.

  • Extra quiet fans that lower data center noise levels
  • Fan guards in sizes to suit different fans
  • Fan panel assemblies that accept one or two fans
  • Fan trays with three, six or nine fans that include filter, LED display and remote overtemp notification
  • Filter kits that mount directly over fans, are washable and can be used as filtered vent panels
  • Temperature displays that monitor internal enclosure temperature, provide LED readout and include an adjustable overtemp setting
  • Thermostatic fan controllers that vary the speeds of up to four fans based on temperature

Is this the solution you’ve been looking for? Order now using your online account.

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