White Server Rack Cabinet

Why Buy White Server Racks?

White Server Rack Cabinet
White Server Rack Cabinet

While some purchase white server racks simply to match a color scheme, many select these server racks for their particular set of perks.

White Server Racks Utilize Better Light Reflection

When looking in your server rack or server cabinet, a standard black color can be hard to locate various components. Installation can be more cumbersome trying to line up U spaces, or even find dropped screws. Many customers select white server racks because they reflect light better than black versions. This light reflections help prevent future errors, especially when wiring. Without a flashlight or rackmount light it’s not uncommon for networking errors to occur simply from not seeing the proper colors of the cabling.

Appears Cleaner

Just like purchasing a car, they always tell you that white appears to be cleaner than black when dirty. While your data center should never be covered in mud or bugs, slowly finger prints will work their way throughout your data center. With a white powder coat finish these finger prints will show up far less giving you a much cleaner appearance for bosses and co-workers alike.

Natural Cooling

While it won’t provide enough instantly cooling to throw out your fans, a white server rack deflects heat better than a black unit. If you have a large data center you know that every little bit helps and that any energy you save it big win for the company.

If you are interested in a white server rack or want to know more information about how it can be a bit more beneficial than the standard black server rack give Rackmount Solutions a call at 1-800-352-6631 or complete the contact us form below.

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