Server Racks, Network Racks and Cabinets (and accessories too!)

David Dowdy for blog By David Dowdy, Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

When IT professionals from government agencies and some of the largest corporations around the world need server racks, network racks and cabinets, they turn to Rackmount Solutions.  Why?

For over a decade, Rackmount Solutions has offered the most extensive, high quality, portfolio of server racks and cabinets (and accessories!)  Our product catalog includes:

  • 864 unique, standard server racks configurations for EIA 19” rack mount, 23” rack mount, 24”rack mount, or 28” rack mount equipment, servers, switches, and routers (inside usable dimensions)
  • Server and network racks and cabinets in:
    • 14u, 20u, 24u, 30u, 35u, 40u, 42u, 44u and 48u heights
    • 19”, 23”, 24”, and 28” widths
    • 24’, 30”, 36” and 42” depths
    • Server racks and cabinets with:
      • M6 square hole rails
      • 10-32 tapped rails
      • 12-24 tapped rails
      • Two or three sets of vertical rack rails
      • Adjustable vertical rack rails (two or three sets)
      • Seven standard colors
      • Five standard doors
        • Extruded Lexan
        • Extruded perforated
        • Flat perforated
        • Flat solid
        • Flat vented
  • Top configurations with 2, 4, or 6 fans – and every top comes with multiple cabling holes
  • Open bottoms
  • Solid or perforated bottom plates
  • Built-in cable management for standard cabling or fiber

In addition to our own, made in USA, server and network racks and cabinets, we also offer products from Great Lakes Case & Cabinets, Kendall-Howard, AMCO, Rittal, and Middle Atlantic.  And, for unique customer configurations, we also design and build custom solutions.  You can view a sample on our Facebook and Google+ pages!)

Acoustiquiet server cabinet
Acoustiquiet server cabinet

Finally, IT pros turn to Rackmount Solutions because we deliver – on time – more than 99 per cent of the time.

Experienced professionals, great products, on time delivery – our customers tell us that they’re happy – they keep coming back (98 percent customer satisfaction).

Looking for server racks, network racks or cabinets?  We’d love to help you find the right solution for your data center, wall, closet, remote location – anywhere you need to rack mount equipment!  Check out our server, network rack and cabinet web page – or call us at 1-800-352-6631.  After all, we do one thing (well, actually several things) (really well!) – server and network rack and cabinets (and accessories!)

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