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VIDEOS: UCoustic 9210 Soundproof Server Cabinet

24U UCoustic Soundproof CabinetThe UCoustic Soundproof Server Cabinet not only takes the loudest of servers and dulls them down to a whisper, but it also removes up to 7.2 KW of heat. Combined with multiple accessories and the UCoustic can go virtually anywhere. From a full ventilation system to remove the exhausted air from the room, or a cable pass through box that allows cables to enter the cabinet without depreciating noise reduction capacity, the UCoustic 9210 is an excellent server rack cabinet when you need loud equipment in a public area to be negligible.

Check out some of Rackmount Solutions latest videos as we provide an overview of the cabinet and it’s components, the various accessories available, and how quick and easily you can install the ventilation system.

UCoustic 9210 Soundproof Cabinet Overview

UCoustic 9210 Soundproof Cabinet Accessories

UCoustic 9210: Ventilation System Install

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