How to Save Space in Your IT Closet

Server Room Space Saving Soutions

Trying to Save Space? 3 Products that Maximize Your IT Closet

Time to channel your inner Luke Skywalker to save the galaxy! Well… not really. But we do have some ways you can save space in your server room. At Rackmount Solutions we like to think we are as wise as Yoda when it comes to server racks and IT rooms, and we want to share this knowledge with you. It can be difficult to try to fit all of your equipment into a small space. But with these 3 space saving products, you’ll be able to make room for it all. Get your lightsabers out and let’s go to work!

Vertical Wall Mount Cabinets

If you do not have enough depth space, or space coming off your wall, to mount a tradition rack or cabinet then vertical wall mount cabinets are great solutions that so many of our customers love. These racks and cabinets come in either open or closed applications and only come off the wall at a maximum of 14 inches, whereas traditional solutions come off the wall around 19 to 25 inches. Equipment hangs vertically in these racks similar to a file folder hanging in a file cabinet drawer.

Shallow Floor Standing Racks

If you do not have enough room for a standard cabinet with a depth of 36 to 47 inches then a shallower cabinet is right for you. Both open and enclosed options are available for whatever your needs are. Our RS-4POSTRACK series open racks have an adjustable depth from 22.5 inches to 32.25 inches. This gives you the flexibility to downsize or upsize if you eventually have more space. These freestanding racks are a great investment because they will adjust to accommodate your growing IT closet over time. Additionally, if you need an enclosed cabinet then the ERK series is a good option because it is only 25 inches in depth.

Tilt Down Style Racks/Desktop Racks

Tilt Down Style Racks are great for schools and hospitals where you want to store something small while keeping it low profile and secure. Desktop racks are similar in that they are great to store small things to keep at an arm’s length on top or under a desk. Desktop racks are also useful for displays at trade shows or client demonstrations. Tilt Down Style Racks and Desktop Racks take up minimal space and are the perfect solution for holding items that may need to be accessed frequently.

Optimizing the space in your networking closet, Telco room, IT closet, server room, or whatever you want to call it is important but it doesn’t have to be hard. Read our previous blog post here about rack brackets to learn even more ways that you can maximize your small spaces and even maximize the space inside of your racks. There are so many solutions to saving space. You don’t have to search the galaxy to find all these products, just come to Rackmount Solutions!Yoda Dancing

And just like that the space in your IT closet or server room is saved! Similar to saving the galaxy, right? No! You can save space much easier with the help of these 3 solutions. If you want to learn more about these space savers then contact us at 1 (800) 352-6631 or online at We’ll share our Yoda-like wisdom with you.