Top 3 Home Server Rack Options

As our homes become smarter and our digital footprint larger, more and more families are considering the addition of a home server rack. With terabytes of storage, a more secure network, and a central hub for the IoT in the home even the most novice individuals are finding themselves adding IT to their home to-do list. For many, they have never purchased or considered a server rack which is why we have put together a trio of excellent options with our Top 3 Home Server Rack picks.

1. The Cruxial Mini Open Frame Server Rack

The Cruxial Mini Server Rack is an open frame adjustable rack perfect for under a table, in a corner, or in a closet. This mini server rack is offered in 9u and 12u and features an adjustable depth. For someone who has never purchased a rack and isn’t in need of additional security, this is an excellent choice. The adjustable depth will allow you to fit your servers or equipment without any problem. Designed for additional strength this rack supports 3,000 lbs, which means weight distribution for your equipment will not be a problem either. Versatile and durable, for a home server rack the Cruxial Mini is an excellent choice.

2. HRF Half Rack Series by Middle Atlantic

This half rack features an extremely low profile and fits into the tightest of spaces. Many consider this shallower rack (14″ of Useable Depth) for their A/V equipment, cloud storage, or shallow half rack equipment. An excellent unit for building into your wall to keep your equipment out of sight.


3. SDC Series Multi-Use Server Rack

The SDC Series might be the most versatile server rack we sell. Place on casters for a portable rack you can hide under a table, mount vertically, horizontally, or simply place on the top of a desk. Locking on all sides this home server rack also provides additional security to protect from both intruders and children.

If you need help selecting a home server rack we’re ready to help. With a long tenured staff we’ve heard the standard, the strange, and the most bizarre requests, most all of which we have answers for. Call today at 1-800-352-6631 or complete the contact us form below.

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