The Best Is Yet to Come For Rackmount Solutions!

Deborah Petty By Deborah Petty, CEO, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

Thanks to you, our customers, 2012 was another great year at Rackmount Solutions! We worked hard this year to help you solve even more of your business challenges by:

  • Introducing AcoustiQuiet 9u and 12u sized mini cabinets. The AcoustiQuiet cabinets have 14dB(A) sound attenuation and 1.5KW heat dissipation. They’re terrific for offices and laboratories that need lots of compute power, but not the noise!
  • Adding Upsight Technology’s very popular HotLoc blanking panels to our product catalog.  The HotLoc Panels are extremely beneficial in air conditioned or uCoustic cabinets where directional airflow is vital.
  • Complementing our existing products with those from Middle Atlantic.  We were especially happy to add their security consoles and AV integrators to our existing product lines.

However, for 2013, we have even bigger plans!  Some things to watch for next year include:

  • A new, easier to navigate web site that includes chat and an updated e-commerce interface!
  • Faster freight and shipping calculations (to save you time!).
  • An innovative partner program that streamlines the purchase process for our best customers.  The program will also include a separate web portal where users can access account information as well as view schematics and other technical information.
  • An online cabinet configurator.
  • More products that solve more business problems!

We can’t wait to show you!

So thanks again for being Rackmount Solutions customers.  We look forward to continuing to meet your unique business needs throughout 2013 and beyond.

P.S.  We’d love to hear what you think about our plans.  Feel free to leave us a comment, or email us at

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