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Deborah Petty By Deborah Petty, CEO, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

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Ucoustic and AcoustiQuiet soundproof and sound-reducing server racks

Looking for some peace and quiet? The Ucoustic and AcoustiQuiet server racks fit the bill. Thanks to the acoustic foam they contain, these racks dampen sound to acceptable working levels — or eliminate noise entirely — while also removing heat. To make things even easier, they ship fully assembled and arrive ready to use.

Providing serious quiet, the soundproof Ucoustic is the only commercially available Network/IT cabinet in the world that is proven to provide 28.5dBa sound reduction and 7.2kW heat dissipation. Available in both active and passive models, this heavy-duty steel rack is excellent for housing multiple servers.

The AcoustiQuiet sound-dampening cabinet reduces noise in your server room or office by 11dBa, while dissipating up to 2kW of heat. The sturdy construction includes steel, aluminum and foam. To provide versatility for any environment, this rack is available in an extensive array of sizes from 48u high to 42″ deep.

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More great products

IP DB-15 KVM switch

Now you can access up to 128 servers from anywhere in the world over IP, thanks to this state-of-the-art workhorse. The IP KVM features 8 or 16 ports in 1U of rack space, as well as 128-bit secure, browser-based access. And it lets you perform cost-effective remote server management between national and global sites.

The IP-KVM has multi-platform compatibility and supports numerous operating systems, including Windows (Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000), Linux, Netware, UNIX, and DOS. To complete the setup, accessories include cables and adapters.

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Category 6 patch cables

Helping you to make the necessary connections, these molded snagless strain-relief boot cables meet and exceed TIA EIA 568B standards. The quality construction features 50u” gold-plated modular connectors.

To meet any requirements, the cables are available in seven colors (white, gray, yellow, blue, green, red and orange). Black and purple are also available by special request when placing your order. The Cat 6 Patch Cables are offered in many lengths: 1-, 3-, 5-, 7-, 10-, 14-, 25-, 50-, 75-— and 100-foot. Whatever your need, these cables have you covered.

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Wall and ceiling cable management kits

Offered in a variety of sizes and configurations, these wall and ceiling mount kits provide what you need for a seamless installation. Individual pieces include:

  • triangle wall support brackets
  • ladder center support brackets
  • cable ladder end drop with three cable spools
  • cable ladder side drop with three cable spools

Rackmount also provides the necessary accessories to assure a solid installation and keep everything in place. This comprehensive lineup includes cable spools, ladder support hardware with ceiling hanging kit, ladder end-support hardware, ladder wall clamps, ladder wall supports, end caps, bolts and mounting plates.

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