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Reduce Sound in Your Data Space: UCoustic Cabinets Bring Server Noise to a Whisper

Nothing is worse than hearing the whirring of equipment while you’re trying to focus on something. The constant buzz of machines is enough to surely drive someone crazy. Soundproof server racks are a great solution to this irritating problem. And UCoustic Cabinets are the answer to all your sound reduction problems. These cabinets can be placed practically anywhere. If you have noisy equipment in the middle of your work environment, reception area, network closet, or even school, then a UCoustic Cabinet is a good investment.

Sound Reduction

Many times it is students complaining of the sound loud equipment makes while they are taking tests or study at school. UCoustic Cabinets have solved this problem, not only in schools but also in many other environments, by reducing noise by up to 26 dBa, which is like taking noise in a loud restaurant down to a whisper. These enclosures have been proven to make a large difference to those effected by noisy equipment. With many different size options available from 9u to 44u, as well as many different styles such as wall mounts and standing server cabinets, there is a UCoustic Cabinet for every application.

Heat Dissipation

Sound reduction is not the only priority. A common concern when considering enclosed server rack cabinets like the UCoustic is heat. In an enclosed space it can be very easy for equipment to become overheated, which can lead to all sorts of detrimental equipment failures. But, UCoustics have it covered. In addition to reducing sound, these cabinets can also dissipate up to 12kW of heat. What is unique about these cabinets is that the top of the wardrobe doors allows cool air to come in, and then hot air is pushed out the top of the rear wardrobe doors of the cabinet. This allows cool air to circulate to your rack area and ultimately keep the cabinet at an acceptable operating temperature.

24u UCoustic Soundproof CabinetSecurity and Cable Management

Is the UCoustic Cabinet too good to be true? No. In addition to all of these previously mentioned features, UCoustics are also safe and secure. The manufacturer of these cabinets, USystems, knows that keeping your equipment and valuable information protected is also important. That is why you have the option to upgrade your cabinet with a variety of security options from security cameras to electronic locking systems. And when it comes to cable management you won’t have to worry about spaghetti cables. These UCoustics have 6 cable points of entry: 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom, which will not compromise any of your sound reduction. These data center cabinets also come with rack casters for easy mobility in case you ever want to or need to move the rack around.

Bitcoin, anyone?

Watch this video to see an overview of a UCoustic enclosure that houses a Bitcoin mining rig. This video truly gives an insight into how much these data enclosures reduce sound, dissipate heat, and even protect what’s inside (like a valuable Bitcoin rig). This is a video from a real customer who has had a real experience with UCoustics and has found it to be a great investment. We know that if you purchase a UCoustic Cabinet you will think the same thing.

So, if noisy computer servers are bothering anyone from co-workers to students then save your sanity! Save yourself from noisy tech equipment and screeching servers. Call us at 1 (800) 352-6631 or visit us online to invest in a UCoustic Cabinet! After this cabinet goes to work in your work space, it’ll only be you that your co-workers complain about.

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