Solutions for Small Space Constraints

Are you stuck in a small space where a full size rack simply won’t fit?  Maximize your space with one of these small, but useful wallmount racks. Whether you need something vertical, with access from the sides, quiet, or open, wall mount racks provide elite versatility without taking up too much space.

U_RackOPEN FRAME SOLUTION: Cruxial URack Series

If you’re looking for something cost-effective and space-saving, the Cruxial Series URack is one of the most versatile, tiny options available. The Cruxial URack can fit under a table, in a closet, or even under a desk. With three available sizes, all accommodating 19-inch servers, whether mounted vertically or horizontally, this rack makes even the smallest of spaces useful again. View the URack Here

NO WIDTH, NO PROBLEM: Cruxial VRS/VRP Vertical Wallmount RackWRS-xx-30_Front

For longer servers in a small space, the Cruxial VRS/VRP Vertical Wallmount Rack is a unique and trusted option. Mount equipment vertically and then monitor using the solid or plexiglass lockable top. With multiple sizes available, all provide a generous 30-inch useable depth making them perfect for small closets and other tight spaces. View the Cruxial VRS/VRP Vertical Wallmount Rack Here



SPACE ONLY THE SIDES: Great Lakes – GL24WE Side Wallmount Cabinet


Perhaps you need quick access to the front and back of your equipment, but the space constraints are a serious problem. The Great Lakes GL24WE alleviates this problem. Access from both sides allow for quick monitoring and quick access to the back connections as needed. The lockable mesh side panels provide airflow, while the multiple knockouts on the rack add versatility for cabling and accessories. View Great Lakes GL24WE Side Wallmount Cabinet Here


SMALL SPACE, LOUD NOISE: UCoustic 7250 Series Soundproof Wallmount Racksoundproof-wallmount-rack-front_entry

Confined to a small area with loud servers and fans? No need to bring headphones, ear plugs, or stress balls, the UCoustic 7250 Series Soundproof Wallmount Racks reduces sound up to 15dB(A), basically reducing noise from a loud restaurant to a library whisper. Compact, lockable, and easily mounted, the Ucoustic 7250 is an ideal option for those with noise issues in a small area. View Ucoustic 7250 Wallmount Rack Here

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