Shhh… UCoustic Cabinets at Work!

UCoustic Cabinet
UCoustic Cabinet

Nothing is worse than hearing the whirring of equipment while you’re trying to focus on something. The constant buzz of machines is enough to surely drive someone crazy. Soundproof server racks are a great solution to this irritating problem. And UCoustic Cabinets are the answer to all your sound reduction problems.

UCoustic Cabinets have been proven to reduce noise in your area by up to 30 dB(a), which is like taking noise in a loud restaurant down to a whisper. In addition, UCoustics can dissipate up to 12 kW of heat. So essentially, you’re getting two great features in one cabinet! With many different sizes from 12U to 24U to 42U, UCoustic Cabinets will effectively reduce sound anywhere you need them to.

So, save your sanity. Save yourself from noisy tech equipment and screeching servers. Call us at 1 (800) 352-6631 or visit us online to invest in a UCoustic Cabinet! After this cabinet goes to work in your office, it’ll only be you that your co-workers complain about.

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