Server Room & Network Closet Challenges


Server Rooms, back offices, and network closets are typically comprised of less than six full-size server rack enclosures featuring networking hardware, telecommunications systems, and data storage. These rooms may contain full-size open frame racks, server cabinets, 2-post racks, or wall mount enclosures depending on the ideal capacity and expected growth of the company. Challenges commonly faced include proper airflow, sufficient cooling, reliable power/battery backup, organized cable management, limited footprint, and security.



rb-dc4242-250FULL-SIZE RACKS – The most common racks selected include the Rackmount Solutions Cruxial Series, Kendall Howard LINIER Series, and Hammond Rack Basics Series. These economy racks provide a variety of locking door styles (Perforated, Solid & Plexiglass), sizes ranging from 22u to 48u of space, and many high-end features. If cabinet-level security isn’t necessary, the RS-4POSTRACK is a great option as an open frame server rack. This 4-post rack adjusts to meet the depth of your equipment and supports more than 3,000 lbs. For uncommon scenarios requiring customizations, the Cruxial Series of racks can be completely designed to meet your specifications.

CABLE MANAGEMENT – Proper cable management can reduce downtime, improve airflow, and prevent user errors. Our most popular cable manager is the NEAT-PATCH, a 2u cable organizer that installs in minutes. If you need a different type of horizontal cable manager our team of IT Pros can help narrow down our selection to a few best options. From small applications needing 0u lacing bars to vertical cable managers for heavier networks, we can put together a cable management plan for your server room.

RELIABLE POWER – For a small server room or closet, a single-phase UPS System, network PDU, and battery backup will typically be necessary. Our selection of Minuteman and Tripp Lite power provides a range from 500VA to 3kVA of rackmount UPS solutions. Power distribution can vary depending on the features you may require. An InfraPower Intelligent Monitoring PDU can provide the current, voltage, energy, temperature and humidity in the room allowing you to track and monitor from a distance. A rackmount power strip, more common on wall mounts and network racks, features surge, thermal, or noise protection for your server room or network closet equipment.

RACK COOLING – The most common of challenges in a network closet, small server room or back office is cooling for rack equipment. Consider spot cooling with an AmeriCool Portable Air Conditioner or utilizing the SRCOOL rackmount air-conditioner to provide cooling for a specific rack with hot equipment. For the toughest cooling situations, we also offer custom self-contained Air-Conditioned Server Racks.

Need help mapping out your server room or network closet? Rackmount Solutions is a one-stop-shop for all your IT/Networking needs. Talk to an account manager today at 1-800-352-6631.

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