Server Rack Super Heroes

When you think of the features for some of our server racks it’s hard not to be reminded of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Some racks are sneaky quiet, some are have dozens of tech features, others have super strength, and some are simply made to be All-American. It might be a stretch, but we think we can see pretty distinct similarities.


Cruxial Mini Rack aka “Ant-Man”

The greatest trait about the Cruxial Mini Rack is its small size and super strength. This tiny little guy fits in the smallest of spaces. Under desks, in closets, or on a table, all the while having a load capacity of 3,000 pounds. On casters our version of Ant-Man is extremely mobile, going places the other guys can’t.

Linier Series Server Cabinet aka “Captain America”

Made in the USA and proud of it. The Linier Series Server Rack adapts to its surroundings much like someone who was a frozen pop-cycle for 70 years. Based on your environment you can quickly and easily change out the doors from vented, to convex, to solid, to glass, making sure this rack fits the location.

24U UCoustic Soundproof Server Rack CabinetUCoustic 9210 aka “Black Widow”

Wish your servers were as stealthy quiet as the Black Widow? Well now that’s possible with the UCoustic 9210. These aren’t of Russian descent, but they are trained to be just as quiet. Remove 28.5 dBA and you now have servers that barely make a whisper.

NEMA 12 Server Rack aka “Hulk”

If you need a server rack that is practically indestructible like the Hulk then a NEMA rated rack fits the bill. Just as the Hulk can take on virtually anything, these cabinets are rated to protect against dirt, water, liquids, and hazards. Typically found in machine shops, plants, and warehouses, these are so unique they deserve their own planet.

Air Conditioned Cabinets aka “Iron-Man”

You think Tony Stark is flying around without air conditioning in his suit? Doubtful. These racks are a complete solution and custom engineered to fit your exact needs. Just as Tony has 100 different versions of his armor, we have 100 different versions of this rack to make sure you get what you need. *Warning: Having a rack this cool will make you partially narcissistic.

Imacon Color ScannerColoCab aka “Thor”

While there certainly isn’t a mystical hammer included in the purchase of a ColoCab, just like Thor, these are built to be shared. If you have multiple clients that need to be separated by different worlds, the ColoCab is perfect. Safe enough to secure Earth and Asgard from any dangerous outside elements this cabinet goes unmatched.

Need a super hero in your data center? Call Nick Fury Rackmount Solutions. If you need a rack with a special talent, we’ll find it for you, 1-800-352-6631.

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