Server Rack Space Issues?

Do you have Server Rack Space Issues?

It’s a common problem. Not enough room in your data center, your office, or smaller yet your data closet, but we still have to find a way to get everything into this space. Depending on the problem, we have various solutions for every kind of space issue. Our selection of Server Racks and Wall Mounts are as comprehensive as anyone.

Can I mount my servers vertically?

Absolutely. There are different options to mount your servers vertically and we have one of the only vertical 30″ deep vertical wall mounts on the market. Our VRS and WRS series of wall mounts range in sizes of 4u to 8u in a standard 23″ depth and 30″ depth. These are perfect for your server closet as you can still move around without a full size rack taking up most of the footprint. With the plexiglass top you still have the ability to monitor all of your equipment. These units are also lockable for extra protection.

The URack Series doesn’t just mount under a desk, you can easily mount to a wall and have your equipment stand vertically. What makes this unit unique is that on one side it has tapped rails while the other is universal square. No matter the equipment this rack can handle it.

My Server Racks take up too much space

If you need a more narrow server rack to utilize more space in your data center, consider the Slim 5 Open Frame 4-Post Server Rack. This rack has a narrow build allowing for more space for additional racks or equipment. With a narrow build you will need to understand how much equipment you are placing in these racks, as these have a smaller load capacity of 400 lbs.

Placing Server Racks in less common places?

The URack we mentioned is great for under a desk, but sometimes you need a more traditional rack that can still fit under a desk. This is where the mighty Cruxial 4-Post Mini is the perfect fit. As strong as an ox (Supports 3,000 lb.) this adjustable 4-post rack works exceptionally well for any equipment from 22.5″ deep to 35.25″ deep. Add casters to this tiny titan and your 19″ wide mini server rack can practically go anywhere. This unit is one of our most popular due to it’s size, strength, and versatility.

If you need help finding a rack for any situation we can help. Simply let us know your problem and we’ll find a handful of solutions for you while staying within your budget. Fill out a contact us form today or call 1-800-352-6631 to speak directly to an expert. You can always purchase any of these options online at Rackmount

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