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Server Rack Shelves For Everyone

Server rack shelves can be as complex as you want to make them. Sliding, vented, adjustable, drawers, keyboard shelves, cantilever shelves, there are dozens of options all with their own weight class and benefits. While it’s not the most exciting subject at face value, server rack shelves play an important part in your data center and they should receive a fraction of your attention when your mapping out your projects.

Styles of Server Rack Shelves:

Fixed Adjustable Shelves Once you adjust the depth of the shelf to match your server rack, these shelves  simply do not move making them “Fixed.” If you intend to place hot equipment on these shelves it’s best to consider the vented versions which allow for additional airflow. Fixed rackmount shelves also provide a significantly higher weight capacity than sliding shelves.

Sliding Rack Shelves – If you need to access the equipment on your shelf repeatedly, a sliding shelf will be far more convenient for you. These rack shelves can quickly slide out to monitor or use equipment and then can return to a flush position in seconds.

Server Rack Drawers:

Rackmount Drawers are an excellent additional to your server rack. We also talk about cable management, but one way to stay organized at your server rack is keeping all of the documentation you need close by and without it in the open air. These rackmount drawers come in locking and locking versions and provide the option to place documents, necessary tools, contact info, whatever may be important for that particular rack. If you have a large amount of documents for a single rack, the 8u version of the TDLK (Locking) comes with file dividers to separate and organize even further.

Rackmount Keyboards:

Whether you want a built in rackmounted keyboard or you have an independent keyboard and simply need a small shelf designed for it Rackmount Solutions has various options for you. The most popular independent keyboard shelf is probably the RS-RM which mounts flush to your server rack and slides forward to reveal your keyboard. This keyboard shelf includes a swivel mouse tray if needed. For a built in unit we carry the both short depth and standard keyboard drawers each with the option of trackball or touchpad. These units all have 10-key built in.

Need help finding the right shelf, drawer, or rackmount keyboard for your server rack? Call Rackmount Solutions and we’ll find it for you, 1-800-352-6631.

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