Server Rack Equipment Layout

001For small business owners with a single server rack cabinet and engineers running full data centers, there is one important piece to loading your server rack. You absolutely must plan it out before you begin. Without planning you are opening the door for a wide range of headaches in the future for your server rack equipment.

The first key is the layout. With the proper layout in place you can reduce cabling errors, assist airflow, ensure access to necessary equipment without problem, and simply protect yourself from multiple issues in the future. The basic template would state that the heaviest equipment goes on the bottom of the rack and the lighter towards the top. The helps with server rack stability as well as making the install a bit easier on yourself.

Plan for a deeper rack as well, this helps with cabling and ventilation for the equipment. In the long run you’ll be saving yourself a good amount of money through server rack layout efficiency.

Finally certainly consider the future. While you might have x amount of server rack equipment now, what will you most likely be adding soon? How does this effect the organization in the server rack? How does this effect the number of outlets you need, or network switches, or shelves? All of these items need to be considered for a proper server rack layout.

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