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Server Rack Layout Design

nFrame-HAC-300x200“Prior planning prevents poor performance” and in the case of your server rack and data center design this couldn’t be more true. One of the most popular strategies is hot aisle / cold aisle containment, but many don’t understand the basic principles to achieve this effectively. The main goal is conserve energy, manage the air flow, and lower your overall costs for energy.

Server Rack Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle Design

Basically you want to line up your racks facing the same direction and then alternate directions on your next aisle so that exhausts from your server racks are pointing at each other creating a single “hot aisle”. The front side where the air is being pulled in from is your “cold aisle”, these would be positioned so that any air conditioning ducts are are pouring into the cold aisle. In a similar thought, your hot aisle would be facing towards the returns.

As these designs get more and more complex there are some incredible products that are helping to raise data center efficiency to previously uncharted levels. Upsite Technologies: AisleLok is at the forefront of this design. With modular containment, gap panels, under rack panels, sealing tape, and vertical baffles, Upsite has your entire Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle Containment planned out for an easy execution. Rackmount Solutions can help work with you to find all the appropriate parts to outfit your data center design and make sure that you are getting the maximum efficiency.

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