Cruxial Mini 4-Post Server Rack

Built strong like the 42u version, the 9u and 12u Cruxial Mini 4-Post Server Racks support up to 3000 pounds of equipment for a fraction of the cost. Made in the USA this unit is perfect for small spaces like in an office, under a desk, or in a closet. Not only can this little guy hold it’s lion share of weight, but the depth adjusts to meet the specific needs for your equipment. Extend the Cruxial 4-Post mini server rack from 22.5 inches to 35.25 in a matter of minutes. To make the Cruxial Mini even better, we’ve included a 50 piece set of screws and cage nut and for limited time this tiny beast of a server rack ships for free in the US. Want to the Cruxial Mini 4-Post Server Rack from every angle? Spin the server rack around below to get an idea of all it’s capabilities. Interested, but need to know more? Contact us using the form below!

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