Server Rack Brackets

Selecting Server Rack Brackets

We’ve all been there. Our rack is a different size than the equipment and we need to find a way to get it mounted. Either the server is too deep, or we have 19″ equipment for a 23″ rack and we’re not sure what to do. Luckily there are multiple brackets that can cure this problem without any headaches.

Problem #1 – Server rack is wider than equipment

Say you want to mount a 19″ power strip on a 23″ server rack, the quick solution is to use what are called “reducer brackets.” We offer these rack brackets in sizes of 1u to 5u with the option of 10-32 tapped holes or square holes.

Problem #2 – Server is much deeper than my server rack

Standoff Rack Brackets. These server rack brackets are extremely useful because they can extend or reduce the depth of the rack to line up your equipment appropriately. These only come in 10-32 Tapped holes with the option of 2u, 3u, or 4u in size.

Problem #3 – Need support for server rack equipment

If you’re mounting heavy equipment in your server rack and the vertical mounting rails don’t have the necessary strength to support the equipment you might consider adding adjustable angle brackets. These brackets take up either 0u or 1u of space depending on the version, but will offer 200 lbs of support. Choose a size from 18″ deep to 36″ deep and start supporting your equipment.


If you have a unique problem mounting equipment talk to our experts about what options you have besides purchasing a new server rack. Call today at 1-800-352-6631 or fill out a contact us form!

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