Selecting Security Server Racks

Not all server racks are made equal. Each rack has unique features and elements that serve a purpose. For a security server rack enclosure you would not select an open frame rack or really any rack without locking sides and doors, but further still there are many features and options available that emphasize security.

1. Corner Wall Mount

The Corner Wall Mount is notably used in one of the most underutilized areas of a building, the top corner. With a generous depth, a user can mount sensitive equipment or place security cameras to monitor the area below. High away from customers and employees, this wall mount is safe and secure from tampering.


2. SWR-8

The SWR 8u Security Wall Rack features 20″ of depth and supports up to 8u and 250 lb of equipment. With a locking front entry and smoked gray acrylic window, users will be unable to tamper with this rack unless they have a key. Control access with this compact cab.


3. Colocation Security

True colocation racks include specifically sectioned off bays to prevent altering of equipment. Not only should these compartments be independent, but the locks should all be different as well. Our CLC Series is UL Listed and with Rackmount Solutions help we can completely customize these cabinets to fit the needs of the customer. From 4 bays of equal size to 1 bay at 18u and two bays at 12u, we can make your Colo-cabinet dreams come true. These bays each include a custom 4-pin combination lock as well as standard locking side panels.


We’re in the business of solving your rackmount problems including security enclosure requests. With a long tenured staff, we know how to respond to virtually any security request. Let us help you find the right rack for your business. Call 1-800-352-6631 or complete a contact us form below to find your security rack enclosure!

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