Air Conditioned Server Cabinet

Susan Wynne for blog By Susan Wynne, Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

Air Conditioned Server Cabinet

For Dirty Environments or areas where room air temperature is not adequate

Based on the standard, patented frame design of the RS server rack series, this Air Conditioned Server Cabinet allows installation of sensitive electronics in harsh environments.

This Air Conditioned Server Cabinet can be made in over 112 sizes. A/C units range from rackmount to side mount, 2K BTU units to 20K BTU.

ac-cabinRack mount models are ideal when it is important to keep an application self-contained within the server rack for security or aesthetic purposes.

  • Unique condensate management system evaporates moisture from enclosure to ambient air eliminating drain tubes, buckets and wet floors.
  • High CFM blowers are used for maximum airflow throughout server rack.
  • 100% functionally tested.
  • Mounting gaskets, drawings and instruction manual furnished.
  • All air conditioning unit use a CFC-free or environmentally safe refrigerant that is universally accepted.
  • Complete gasket sealing for doors, panels and A/C unit.
  • A/C thermostat turns A/C fans on and off
  • MTemp10000 Temperature Display
  • Rackmount or Sidemount A/C
  • Made in the USA of American finished steel

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