4 Post Server Racks

John Rateau for blog By John Rateau, Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

If you don’t need a fully enclosed server cabinet we have four terrific 4 post rack frame series from which to select, each with its own distinctive advantages and features.

4post-rack4 Post Server Rack – ideal for all rackmount servers, KVM switches, network equipment requiring the universal mounting hole. Includes one set of adjustable angle brackets. Suitable for rackmount equipment where security at the rack level is not required. Super versatile “L” shaped mounting rail.

42u – RS-4POSTRK – 4 post rack
24u – RS-4POSTRK-24 – 4 post rack

4 Post Double Server Rack – offers the familiar equipment mounting features of the standard 2 post aluminum relay racks, with the added feature of a stronger, more durable, and easy to assemble 4-point mounting system. This is ideal for extra deep and/or heavier servers, hubs, routers, or power supplies. Super versatile “L” shaped mounting rail.

42u – DSR24-36 4 – 4 post rack
24u – DSR24-36-4 – 4 post rack

Slim 5 Series Server Rack – medium duty, fixed 10-32 rails, offers narrow width for tight spaces. Rack is only 19 1/8″ wide! Idea for closets or ganging racks together in small areas. Offered in 20″ or 26″d.

4 Post Server Rack Frame, 6 rails – This exceptionally fine rack offers extreme versatility. It’s the basis of our RS Series, RSP Series, FRS series, NEBS BellCore, A/C Cabinets, Co-Lo and Large Cable Bundle server racks. The frame features 3 sets (6 rails) of universal vertical rackmounting rails, all infinitely adjustable within the stationary frame. Move them in for equipment with protruding knobs, or mount your deepest item to first and third set of rails and keep the middle set for shorter items that still need to 4 point mount.


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