Rack Enclosure Keeps Contaminants Out

David Dowdy for blog By David Dowdy, Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

As you outfit your data center to manage the challenges of dust and contaminants,ac-cabin the NEMA 12 Server Rack Enclosure from Rackmount Solutions is an excellent piece of equipment to consider. It offers quality protection for sensitive indoor electronics and helps to offset the serious risks associated with exposure to contaminants.

The NEMA 12 offers many of the quality features you expect:

  • independently tested and certified to meet the National Electrical Manufactures Association’s (NEMA) Type 12 standard for indoor use
  • RoHS compliant
  • cULus listed UL 60950-1
  • 45-RMU free-standing enclosure
  • includes cable-access knock outs on the base plate for cable management with conduit, raised flooring or heavy-duty cord covers
  • features a ¼-inch Neoprene door gasket that keeps water and dust from entering the enclosure, while preventing cool air from escaping

In addition, the NEMA 12 offers flexible configuration with 3/8-inch square-hole, 19-inch EIA 310-D compliant rails that include u markings and 50 sets of M6 screws and cage nuts. Removable gland plates allow you to easily install the optional Ice Qube vertical-mount AC unit.

This rack enclosure provides numerous benefits related to protection from dust and contaminants, as well as overall safety and product protection. The NEMA 12:

  • provides increased protection from dust, falling dirt, water and liquids.
  • helps extend the life and peak performance of vital equipment by providing a clean environment.
  • restricts access to hazardous parts that are inside the cabinet.

This server rack enclosure is suitable for use in commercial locations, including machine shops, robotic plants and warehouses. Along with the NEMA 12 Server Rack Enclosure, you can purchase an optional fan assembly from Rackmount Solutions, if desired.

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