Quiet Server Racks and Their Benefits

Today’s computer systems are smaller, faster, and more powerful than what was used in the past. While theseSoundproof Server Rack advances provide scores of benefits to businesses, persistent noise levels coming from computers and servers can significantly lower worker production. Various studies have shown that background noise in the typical office environment can increase work-related stress, reduce concentration levels and increase the risk for accidents.

Many businesses have problems with server noise, as this sound is a constant, loud, high frequency noise that is emitted by server fans. And when server sound is accompanied by other noises typically occurring in the office space, like ringing telephones and conversations, it can be very bothersome to those people present.

One solution for many businesses that experience annoying server noise is found in quiet server racks. When quiet server racks are incorporated into an office space, the need for a dedicated computer room is often eliminated. This not only reduces sound levels in the office but it saves on costs involved with planning, designing and building a separate server room.

Quiet Server Racks Save Time, Money and Energy

Quiet server racks do a good job of effectively regulating the temperature of IT equipment housed inside the racks, removing up to 8kW of heat on some of our models. Silent server racks are more energy efficient than dedicated server rooms, which translates into energy savings for the business. And, because so many businesses today are working to achieve environmental goals, silent racks are one way to help meet these goals. Quiet racks run very efficiently, making them energy responsible for improving a business’ carbon footprint and improved “green” credentials.

Quiet or soundproof server racks offer a much cheaper alternative to setting up and running a dedicated server room. These racks utilize acoustic technology to reduce server noise to an unnoticeable level for a quieter, more productive work environment. Not only is a quiet server rack easy to deploy but it is also expandable when extra capacity is needed. Adding a new server rack is a simple, straightforward task that doesn’t require any special skills.

Rackmount Solutions offers Ucoustic, AcoustiQuiet and AcoustiRack Active quiet server racks for maximum sound reduction and heat dissipation. These racks are designed for businesses of all types and sizes that wish to eliminate the obnoxious server sound for improved workplace efficiency and noise reduction. We offer a wide range of noise reduction server racks ranging from mini cabinets that dissipate up to 14dB(A) of noise to large racks that remove up to 30dB(A) noise reduction – which be up to five times quieter than your existing rack/cabinet.

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