24U Soundproof Server Rack

Quiet Micro Data Center

UCoustic_42_Soundproof_RackAs more businesses push applications to the cloud the necessity for a full data center or IT closet is slowly declining. With this change comes an increase in what are being called Micro Data Centers or Edge Computing Racks. Smaller applications running more often in plain site, but with a need for both aesthetic appeal and quiet for co-workers and office guests alike.

One of the best ways to achieve this is with a UCoustic Quiet Server Rack. More “quiet racks” are making their way to the market, but none provide the sound reduction and heat dissipation which the UCoustic has been tested and certified to. Most of the alternative models neglect to report their decibel of sound reduction capabilities.

By the Numbers

The UCoustic not only claims to reduce up to 28.5 dB(A) but based on studies and customer performance it lives up to this industry leading sound reduction. One of the other key performance elements is the heat dissipation which keeps your equipment running at an appropriate temperature. With 7.2KW of heat dissipation, you will be hard pressed to find an alternative that can perform at this level.

From the Customers

“We believe that your product stacks up very favorably against others that we reviewed. The Rackmount Solutions cabinet is cheaper, dissipates more heat, and suppresses more sound.” – Chuck

Return on Investment

The UCoustic Soundproof Server Rack serves as an excellent choice for a Micro Data Center or Edge Computing. Not only can this be purchased in a sleek black and purple configuration, but by request, we can add wood paneling to make this appear no different than an entertainment center or piece of furniture.

Considering the cost to build out an IT closet or server room (on average $25,000+), selecting a UCoustic Cabinet and placing in an open space is remarkably cheaper. Your equipment is not only safe with the UCoustics locking sides and doors, but running at an appropriate temperature, and staying best of all – Quiet for everyone nearby.

If you need help setting up your Micro Data Center or would like to consider a UCoustic for your office or business give us a call at 1-800-352-6631.

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