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Whether you have a wall mount or server cabinet, whether you run a data center or have a small network closet, everyone encounters unique problems that seemingly don’t have an answer. As we’ve been in business for well over a decade now we’re familiar with size constraints, weight constraints, mobility constraints, depth issues, and so much more. Rather than deal with frustration every day let us help solve your problem with our unique catalog of products.

Ex. 1 – Problem: Equipment is too deep for my rack. 

Answer: Standoff Extender Rack Brackets


These brackets elongate 2u, 3u, or 4u of space providing 4″ of additional mounting depth to the rack. Some use this to extend power strips and cable management off the rack, others simply need a way to mount an extra deep server compared to the rest of their gear.

Ex. 2 – Problem: I need to 4-point mount equipment on a 2-post rack

Answer: Two Post Depth Adapter


Are you nervous about your heavy expensive equipment mounting on a 2-post rack? These adapter kits add a great deal of stability and are available in 15″, 20″, 26″, and 31″ options.

Ex. 3 – The noise from our servers is deafening, but a dedicated space is too expensive.

Answer: Soundproof Server Racks

24USoundproof Server Racks are aesthetically pleasing, remove heat, and keep your loud equipment at a whisper. Whether you need a full 42u down to 12u wall mount, soundproof server racks are a great option when you need to keep equipment in a more public place.

We’re in the business of solving your rackmount problems. With a long tenured staff we’ve heard the standard, the strange, and the most bizarre requests, but we’re happy to try and find a solution for you.

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