May 09

PERiDYN Technologies Group

Rackmount Solutions adds PERiDYN Technologies Group for all your DC Power, Batteries, installation and integration needs. With a wealth of knowledge on this team, PERiDYN has the unique ability to not only design the racks and cabinets for your space, but we can supply and configure your power to meet your business’s exact needs.

PERiDYN aims to provide the complete solution from concept to the planning and acquiring of materials to the final installation. Rather than struggle with the management of multiple vendors, PERiDYN consolidates everything into a single package.

From General Electric to Eltek DC Power, PERiDYN has deep relationships to help provide critical power at your site. Combine this knowledge and ability with the industry leading customer service team at Rackmount Solutions you can rest assured your project with be managed with care.

Do you need help with your next project? Contact PERiDYN Technologies Group at 1-800-352-6631 or email

Jay Martin
By Jay Martin
IT and Data Center Expert