Video: Rackmount Solutions PCI Compliant Server Rack

Why you should be PCI Compliant

Does your business take payment via credit card? Then you need to consider following PCI Compliance. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and it effects everyone that takes a payment via credit card whether over the phone or online. PCI Compliance is important for multiple reasons, as it helps protect your data and protect you from fines in the future.

Alternative to a New Server Room / Closet

When you can’t build out an entire new data center, or place all of your server racks in a secure locked room or closet, the next best solution is to restrict physical access with a lockable server rack from all sides.

Rackmount Solutions PCI Compliant Server Rack Selection

We carry multiple PCI compliant server racks and wall mounts because even though you might not need to protect your data for PCI Compliance, you should always protect your data from unauthorized individuals.

If you need help selecting a PCI Compliant wall mount or server rack we’re here to assist. Fill out a Contact Us form or call today for a free quote at 1-800-352-6631.

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