Network Racks 101

What is a Network Rack?

Also known as a Local Area Network (LAN) Rack, 2-Post Rack, Relay Rack, or Telco Rack, these network racks hold a variety of equipment including network switches, routers, servers, patch panels, and cables. These racks are typical 19″ wide and similar to other server racks, they are measured in “U” spaces.

Why choose a Network Rack?

Without a network rack, components and cabling can get cumbersome in a hurry. Network racks provide the opportunity to hold a large amount of servers and components in a small area while keeping them neatly organized. Proper cable management in conjunction with these server racks can reduce cable data loss, help airflow management, and keep components from harm.

How to choose a Network Rack?

Before picking a network rack, consider the weight capacity, the space you plan to install to, the height of the rack needed in U spaces, the type of network rack needed (Wall mount, Standing Enclosure, 2-Post, Open Frame, etc.) and any particular specific requirements needed to suit your needs. Once you have these elements figured out, it’s best to plan for future installments, cable management, power, and additional accessories to help protect and improve the performance of your equipment.


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