Network Rack Cable Management Tips

fc4d66028884baf3f5ade9d4c808e26bNetwork rack cable management can be slightly different than the cable management for your standard server rack. If you need a quick checklist of items to look for on your network rack for cable management consider the below.

Have Proper Routing of Cables: You want to avoid blocking your network components that are going to require higher maintenance.

Make sure your network cables and power cables are separated: Helps to ensure no crosstalk and interference.

Protect your cables!: Avoid sharp edges, corners, objects, and hot spots on the cabinet. Get rid of hotspots with blanking panels, spot cooling, etc.

Bend but don’t break those cables: Your cables should have specifics on how much that can bend, keep them within these specs!

Secure your cables: We want to avoid lots of movement so you don’t have any accidents and disconnect or short the cables.

Everyone needs an identity: Label the cable. Helps enormously during critical times, it’s also extremely helpful for installs upgrades.

By following these basic network rack cable management suggestions you should decrease interference, increase proper airflow, reduce crosstalk, improve cable identification, and get your network rack on track. If you need help finding cable management products to help you organize call Rackmount Solutions at 1-800-352-6631 to speak to an expert.

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