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NEMA Rated Wall Mount Cabinet | Rackmount SolutionsNEMA Rated Wall Mounts and Server Racks

Most consider data to be stored in a clean, protected environment, free of dangerous particles and liquids, but that’s not always the case. Everyone has data, servers, and electric equipment in some capacity, including the industrial industry where your standard wall mount or server rack simply doesn’t work.

To protect equipment from corrosive materials like gasoline or acetylene, or perhaps protect against water, dust, or oil, industrial types will select a NEMA Rated Wall Mount or Server Rack. Depending on the severity of the environment businesses can select from more than a dozen certified types.

Common NEMA Types

One of the most common types sold for Rackmount Solutions is the NEMA 12 Rated Wall Mounts and Server Racks. These are used for indoor general purpose and protect equipment from dust, dirt, and any non-corrosive liquids. Our racks are also lockable to restrict access.

Once you know the type of NEMA rating you need for your environment, you can select from a standing server rack enclosure, wall mount, or swing open wall mount enclosure for your equipment. We offer from 12u to 45u options online and even more over the phone (1-800-352-6631). For those who do not intend to “rackmount” their equipment, we also have a pair of options for protection as well.

NEMA Rating Chart

These racks typically struggle with heat due to their protected casing, but there are optional fans that can be purchased which include filters to further protect your equipment. Weight capacity typically is not an issue. These racks and enclosures can support from 100 to 300 pounds in the wall mount version and significantly more in the standing enclosure.

Rackmount Solutions Can Help

If you need help selecting a NEMA rated enclosure or help deciding what NEMA Type would be best for your space simply call to speak to an expert at 1-800-352-6631 or submit a contact form and we’ll follow up shortly after.

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