More Cooling Tips for Your Data Center

  Susan Wynne for blog By Susan Wynne, Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

Increase Cooling With Equipment Tweaks Or Upgrades

 AC-FRONT_250If making changes to operating temperatures and improving the overall efficiency of your equipment isn’t making enough of a difference, then it may be time to make changes to your cooling solutions. Some companies simply don’t have good enough airflow in their data centers. Making sure that air is circulating through your cabinets and the room properly will reduce your costs. A great deal of money is thrown away on cold air that just doesn’t reach the equipment. If you can add filler panels and other add-ons to your cabinets and racks, then you can direct cool air to where it’s needed most. This is a relatively inexpensive solution to cooling issues, and it could result in long-term savings for your company as a whole. In some situations, equipment tweaks and adjustments simply aren’t enough and you may need to invest in brand new solutions in order to get a better level of performance and more savings in the future. Replacing older electronics with newer models can be helpful in reducing costs over the long term. In an effort to create more energy-efficient servers, most major brands are manufacturing their products to meet Energy Star guidelines and specifications. Other brands, while not Energy Star rated, are redesigning their parts to consume less power. These electronics tend to require less cooling than their predecessors, so upgrading your equipment will lower your cooling and energy costs all around.

Get Started

Efficiency should be the first thing you focus on when looking to cut down on data center cooling costs. Make sure your current cooling solutions are adequately lowering operating temperatures, but not to the point of being wasteful. Improving cooling efficiency is a great way to maintain short term and long-term performance. “If you are ensuring that your equipment is cooled sufficiently, the likelihood of any component overheating will be greatly reduced, which is a surefire way to reduce the cost of IT equipment as well as power consumption.

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