Modular Containment

Upsite.166-270x133Modular containment isn’t a new concept, but it’s certainly becoming much easier to utilize as opposed to just a few years ago. Upsite Technologies, one of the premier leaders on airflow management, has an ideal solution that can be installed, uninstalled, and moved around in minutes compared to construction and hiring a team to get this long desired containment.

Modular Containment

Upsite-Configs.193-270x192Airflow management is a critical component of a data center. While proper cable management, blanking panels, and server utilization make a significant difference, containing a hot aisle / cold aisle configuration can make a remarkable change in your airflow. Legacy containment still provides marginal benefits compared the AisleLok system, but the greatest difference is seen when adding cabinets or relocating. Adapt, reuse, add on, the AiseLok allows for all of this, while the traditional legacy versions are an undertaking.

AisleLok Install

AisleLok simply uses magnets to attach aisle doors and baffles in seconds. In minutes you could have your hot and cold aisle contained and improving quality airflow. Minutes is not in the vocabulary of the legacy equipment.

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