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SKB Cases | Rackmount SolutionsRackmount Solutions offers a wide range of rugged, heavy-duty SKB cases that all come with the manufacturer’s amazing Million Miles Warranty. This means if you somehow manage to break the case, it will be either repaired or replaced at no cost to you. This warranty is unbeatable and a good testament to how strong and durable SKB cases are. We are proud to offer a wide assortment of SKB shipping cases to ensure we have the right cases you need to fulfill your exact needs and requirements. Plus, we offer free shipping on all SKB products as a courtesy service to you, our valued customer!


Accurate Measurement is Essential

Because it’s important to choose the right sized case for your particular application, it is essential that you take accurate measurements when buying a SKB shipping case. It can be confusing measuring for one of these cases shipping case as ‘front’, ‘back’, ‘depth’ and ‘width’ can be relative terms depending upon the direction in which the case is packed or used.

SKB measures the rackmount and shockmount shipping cases just like a standard rack. The main difference is the molded protective case around the rack, which is not like a typical rack in your IT room. This means you may need to account for this protective case in your project. Once the front or rear lids are removed, the internal usable dimensions are measured by rack IU. The left to right measurement of standard EIA 19-inch width and depth by the distance from front to rear rail. It is important to know that an item can extend into the front or rear lid if necessary.


Don’t Forget the Lid Measurement

Each SKB shipping case model features a different lid depth. It’s important to understand the external dimensions of the case because if you are going to ship several cases whether stacking them or shipping them individually, you will need to know the cubic dimensions so you’ll know how many will fit into the shipping area that’s available. And even if you’re not going to ship several cases, FedEx and UPS may charge according to dimensional weight rather than actual weight. You could end up getting a big, unwelcome surprise in shipping cost if you fail to account for dimensional weight.

The external dimensions of a SKB shipping case include the removable front & rear lid and the extra width and depth of the molded case surrounding the rack. To figure cubic directions when filling the crate or truck, multiply the external width by height and by depth.

A shipping case that is 24 inches high, 30 inches deep and 24 inches wide, will equal 17,280 cubic inches. An 8-foot wide truck bed that is 12-feet deep and 12-feet high is capable of holding 1,990,656 cubic inches. Then if you divide that number by 17,380 cubic inches, you will come to the conclusion that you can fit 115 cases inside that particular truck.


Looking For Case Dimensions

Our website displays the dimensions of each size and style of the SKB cases. Just remember to:

  • Measure inside dimensions like a regular rack
  • Measure external dimensions including the front and back lids
  • Measure dimensions in cubic inches if you are going to be stacking several cases in tight areas

Feel free to watch our video on How To Measure a SKB Rackmount Shipping Case

Do not hesitate to contact the team at Rackmount Solutions at (866) 207-6631 if you need assistance in selecting the right SKB case for your needs, as we’re always happy to help you!

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