Manufacturing Plant IT/Network Challenges


Unlike a standard environment for networking equipment, manufacturing plants and warehouses face the unique challenge of dirt, dust, and debris particles. When these particles enter servers or networking equipment they can cause a great deal of damage. If the networking equipment produces additional heat it can be an even greater challenge to provide protection against foreign elements while still properly cooling the equipment. Particles are not the only threat, this equipment is typically located in an open area making security an additional concern. Keeping the networking gear in an open area also requires a consideration for safety as a steel cabinet in a heavy foot traffic could be a hazard.



NEMA ENCLOSURES – The best way to prevent unwanted debris from collecting in your rack or equipment is by mounting the gear in a NEMA Type 12 Wall Mount or Free Standing Enclosure. NEMA Type 12 Enclosures are sealed at all edges to provide a higher level of protection against dust, dirt, non-corrosive liquids, and rust, most of which can be found in a warehouse or manufacturing plant. These enclosures are available in sizes ranging from 7u to 45u. For hot running equipment, a Self-Contained Air-Conditioned Server Rack (Built to NEMA Standards) will produce sufficient cooling while still protecting against hazardous particles. These custom racks should be tailored exactly to your equipment heat load for efficient cooling. We’ve designed these for 100s of customers and can help walk you through the process.

en4dh-closedWALL MOUNT ENCLOSURES – While NEMA rated cabinets provide the greatest protection, placing your equipment in a standard wall mount enclosure positioned away from the debris can occasionally suffice. Top choices for wall mount enclosures include the LINIER Series, VRS/WRS Vertical Wall Mount Series, or a Corner Wall Mount. Select from 6u to 22u of rack mount space along with multiple door styles to prevent or enhance equipment visibility.

ACCESSORIES – Adding additional fans to your wall mount enclosure may be necessary for cooling, but it’s best to utilize Fan Filters in combination with your fan panels to prevent pulling in particles. HotLok Rack Grommets at your cable entry points will also restrict dust from entering the cabinet. These grommets utilize a hybrid brush technology along with a membrane support structure for an industry best sealing capacity. HotLok Grommets will also last significantly longer than the competition as the membrane support prevents sagging bristles. Lighting in warehouses and manufacturing plants is typically not adequate for viewing equipment. Adding the rackmount LED RM Light provides two adjustable gooseneck lights to brighten specific areas around and inside the rack.

Do you need help configuring your warehouse or manufacturing plant with IT/Networking equipment? Rackmount Solutions can help you navigate through the common challenges and obstacles. Talk to an account manager today at 1-800-352-6631.

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