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Manufacturer Spotlight: Middle Atlantic

All About Middle Atlantic: Rolling Racks, Cable Management, Wall Mounts, and More!


So, if you’ve been keeping up with our Manufacturer Spotlight Series then you’ve seen our past spotlights on Kendall Howard and Hammond Manufacturing. These are just two of our great partners that we are lucky enough to work with at Rackmount Solutions. Another great partner we have is Middle Atlantic, who happens to be our spotlight for this week!

Our Relationship

At Rackmount Solutions we have sold Middle Atlantic products for many, many years. However, we have become a direct seller of their products within the past few years. So, we understand the longevity and durability of their racks, accessories, and other solutions. Additionally, we have access to their full catalog of products, which includes networking, power, AV, and technical furniture solutions. We have enjoyed working with them in such a close relationship, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future!

More About Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic serves the residential, commercial, broadcast, and security environments and has been doing this since 1979. They have a broad product line to meet the needs of all of these different industries, and additionally provide many different options for the customer. These options include fan tops, door styles, cable management, and tons of accessories. Not only has this innovative manufacturer dedicated itself to providing limitless options for its customers, but it has also dedicated itself sustainable manufacturing. Middle Atlantic is Green Circle Certified, has ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 registration, RoHS Certification, and it works to reduce energy and water consumption.

DWR Series Wall Mount Cabinets

These wall mount cabinets are known in the industry for being extremely easy to install. Their Tool-Free Quick dwr wall mount cabinetMount system only requires one person to install. So you can tell your buddies that you won’t need their help putting this one up. The typical Middle Atlantic array of options is available for this wall cabinet too because it comes many sizes from 10U to 35U. On top of that, this cabinet also comes in a variety of depths from 17 inches of depth to 32 inches of depth. The extended depth of 32 inches is the most notable for our customers. The DWR also has a swing out center section, making access to rear of equipment quick and easy. This section is also reversible and allows the door to swing from either side. The options continue with doors. Vented, Plexiglas, and solid front door options are available. Worried about your cables? Multiple tie-down provisions for cable management are available as well. What’s even better is that all DWR Series Wall Mounts are a part of our online weekly special this week! Go shop now!

PTRK Series Portable Rolling Rack

ptrk rolling rackThe PTRK Series Rolling Rack is great for easy transportation with heavy-duty commercial grade locking rack casters. Spring-loaded recessed side handles for rack transport also help in making this rack extremely portable. This rolling rack is fully welded steel construction for strength and includes key-locked front and rear doors that are standard for security. With this enclosed data rack there is no need to worry about airflow or temperature. Side panels on the rack are vented for passive thermal management, and laser knockouts on rear door accept fans. Additionally, there are slots in bottom of rack for cable strain relief and securing equipment. And the options don’t stop there. Some models are available with a graphite-marbled laminate top and Plexiglas front door. You can get this portable rolling rack in 14U, 21U, or 27U heights, and in either a 22-inch depth or a 25-inch depth.

Cable Ladder System

Cable management is no longer a concern! The cable ladder system from Middle Atlantic is available in 6-foot or middle atlantic cable ladder rack10-foot lengths, and 12 inch, 18 inch, or 24 inch widths. With a highly durable, scratch resistant finish this ladder system will last a long time and be strong enough to hold the weight of many cables. There are a variety of accessories to facilitate bends and turns within the cable run, as well as ceiling, floor, and wall mount accessories. These ladders are compatible with most popular ladder brands and accessories, and work on both new and existing installations.

Like our other manufacturers, we highly recommend Middle Atlantic products. We think that this manufacturer offers a large selection of options when it comes to racks, cable management, and accessories. And we know that you will definitely be able to find exactly what you need in our selection of Middle Atlantic products on our website.

Head to our website to shop our huge selection, or call our IT experts at 1 (800) 352-6631 to get their insight on which products will help solve your problems in the most efficient and cost effective way. We want the best for you. We’ve got your back!