hammond manufacturing product spotlight

Manufacturer Spotlight: Hammond

All About Hammond: Desktop Racks, A/V Cabinets, NEMA Wall Mounts, and More!


hammond manufacturing product spotlight

We’re back this week with another manufacturer spotlight! We know you’ve been waiting all week for this. The anticipation has been building since last week’s spotlight on Kendall Howard. Who could it be this time?! Well, if you read the title then you already knew. We’re spotlighting Hammond this week!

Our Relationship

Rackmount Solutions is an authorized distributor of Hammond products. We have been working with them for a few years now. Although this is a shorter amount of time than some of our other partners, our relationship is growing more and more every day. Hammond is proving to be an increasingly important partner! Their products are a great blend of quality and affordability, and they have many unique solutions that have helped us create a more comprehensive offering to our customers. Additionally, we work with Hammond on custom projects for our clients as well.

More About Hammond

Hammond has 80 years of experience in manufacturing and over 100 years in business. Based in Canada, Hammond is a global company and has customers all over the world. Their continuous innovation over the past 100 years has made them one of the best producers of server racks and cabinets, electrical enclosures, power strips, transformers, and chokes. Not only do they produce all of these products, but they also serve a variety of industries such as, networking and telecommunications, audio and video, security, and testing.

Hammond RB-AV SeriesAudio Visual Cabinets- RB-AV Series

Hammond’s A/V Cabinets are a very economically priced solution. These secured enclosures are available in 18U, 27U, and 42U heights and have a 21-inch usable depth. Each unit comes preinstalled with a number of vented shelves, as well as 2U filler panels for airflow. These cabinets also come with both leveling feet and rack casters. A/V enclosures do not come with fans, but there are provisions if you want to add them on. Removable, locking side panels and an aesthetically pleasing light-smoked tempered glass front door are also two great features. These data racks can hold up to 950 pounds, which is sure to hold your valuable Audio Visual equipment.

NEMA Rated Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinets- EN4DH SeriesHammond NEMA Cabinet Wall Mount

The NEMA Rated Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinets are built to withstand the toughest of environments. You may remember our previous blog post about NEMA Cabinets, and these Hammond wall mounts are no different. These data center wall mounts comply with NEMA type 3R, 4, and 12 ratings for use in harsh environments. Additionally, there are filtered fan systems available as an accessory for when cabinet is going outdoors or into a dirtier environment. These NEMA Wall Mounts come available with either a solid front door, or a window door, which is made of UV resistant polycarbonate, and a swing out rear provides access to the back of the equipment.

Hammond Desktop RackDesktop Racks- RCBS Series

These Desktop Racks from Hammond are another economically priced solution for when equipment needs to be kept on a desktop or in arm’s reach. These free standing desktop racks are available in many sizes that are anywhere from 2U to 8U, and from 12.38 inch depth to 23.88 inch depth. If you need to move the rack there are lifting handles on each side for easy relocation. This desktop cabinet also comes in either black or light grey, and it comes with rubber feet and rack mount hardware. What is extra cool about this rack is that it has been tested to nearly double the suggested load rating of 600 pounds. So, you know that it is strong.

We highly recommend these Hammond products and many more. Over the past few years our partnership with this manufacturer has had a great benefit for our customers, even in the custom solutions department! We hope that you have benefitted from this partnership too, and if you haven’t yet then we would love to help get you started.

Go online to our website to shop more, our contact one of our IT Pros at 1 (800) 352-6631 to help you find exactly what you need. Our skilled team knows these products extremely well, and will work hard to provide you with the best solution for you at the best price for your budget. Let’s get started!