Lots of Cables? There’s a Rack for You!

Laura Viars for blog  By Laura Viars,  Rackmount Solutions, Inc.


Network switches and blade centers keep getting bigger. They support more inputs and outputs at higher speeds than ever before. And these inputs and outputs require lots of cabling. Cabling that can be a problem if it isn’t managed efficiently.


To handle all of the cable, we believe data center managers need a rack designed specifically for bulk cable runs – like our Cruxial™ Cable Rack.

Cruxial Cable Rack for large cable bundles
Cruxial Cable Rack for large cable bundles

The Cruxial™ Cable  Rack has vertical rack rails mounted on a channel. The channel allows the rails to slide left or right as well as forward and backward. This unique rail design can produce up to 10 inches of extra space for large cable bundles (on our 19-27” series racks).

  • Get crimped – reducing network and server performance
  • Make troubleshooting a grueling task – cabling will be easy to access and identify
  • Obstruct airflow – limiting essential cooling to hot running switches and servers

The Cruxial Cable Rack comes in 35u, 40u, 42u, 44u or 48u versions with usable depths of 24, 30, and 36 inches. It comes fully assembled and includes:

  • Two sets of “L” shaped adjustable mounting rails with M6 square holes
  • Adjustable rails
  • Low profile casters and leveling feet
  • A textured powder coat finish that comes in 6 colors – black, dark grey, granite gray, light gray, pure white, pearl white, or medium blue
  • A 40 pack of M6 hardware

Made in the USA of American finished steel, this welded rack ships fully assembled.  Unpack and rack!


Customization is always at option. And the rack can be configured with plexi, vented, perforated, extruded, or flush mount doors. It can also accommodate solid tops, fan tops and side panels.

If your data center includes or you plan to include bigger and faster switches and blade centers, this network rack might be for you!

A complete description of the rack is available at: Cruxial Cable Network Series Racks. Call us toll free 1-866-207-6631.

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Or you can take a video tour at: Cruxial Cable Network Series Rack Quick Tour

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