Keep Gear Close to Your Server Rack with Rackmount Drawers

rackmount-drawer-td8lkRackmount drawers are an ideal storage solution to keep your server rack accessories, tools, and manuals, near your equipment for easy access. Rather than continue to stack items on your desk, these drawers provide the option of keeping specific items on specific server racks at all times. On one rack you might need a 2U drawer for extra cabling, a cage nut removal tool, or a blanking panel. On another perhaps you need 8u of space for comprehensive documents that need to be close to specific servers for trouble shooting. The versatility of these drawers helps you operate more efficiently, especially during a crisis.

Rackmount drawers aren’t just ideal for data centers and IT rooms though. Home theater systems, schools, offices, and music studios purchase these rackmount drawers for frequent use. Constructed from sturdy 16 gauge road-rugged steel, these drawers are built to take the abuse dished out by any and all walks of life. Whether you need to protect valuable gear or simply keep items close to your server rack, there is an option for you.

rackmount-drawer-ud2TO LOCK, OR NOT TO LOCK:
UD Series 19” Rackmount Drawers

The UD Series of rackmount drawers comes in sizes ranging from 1u to 4u and fit all 19” racks. While they don’t come standard with a keylock, they do have a knockout on the front of the drawer allowing you to install one yourself. The UD drawers are also Greenguard certified, meaning they’re safe for indoor use around children and at schools.

TDLK Series 19” Rackmount Drawers

The TDLK Series, has a larger range of sizes from 2u, 3u, 4u, 5u up through 8u of space. These units come with a spring loaded latch and pre-installed keylock. Like the UD series, the TDLK drawers are designed to fit 19” server racks, and are Greenguard certified. Exclusive to the 8u model is a file hanging kit, perfect for important documents or manuals related to the servers on that particular rack.

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