Is Your Data Center PCI Compliant?

Linier_Fixed_FrontFirst off – PCI Compliance what is it and who does it affect? PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, and it affects every single merchant that takes payment via credit card or debit card… no matter the quantity, no matter how the transaction occurs.

Online, in-store, over the phone, doesn’t matter, you need to be PCI Compliant to place yourself in good standing against a cyber attack and… avoid major fines from card companies.

Which leads us to, “how can you become PCI Compliant?” There are multiple factors, but we can certainly help to “restrict the physical access of cardholder data.” Ideally that means building a separate room with limited and secure access, but often times you don’t have the space or the resources for such a project.

The easier and less expensive way… is to purchase a PCI Compliant enclosure. These enclosures come standard with industry strong keyed locks… on each and every door.

A wall mount like this – takes up far less room, they’re easier on the pocket book, and they still provide the elevated security you need to qualify as PCI Compliant.

We have dozens of options for server security and our excellent account managers can help guide you to the best fit for your space. Hopefully this helps to get you on track to becoming PCI Compliant.

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